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Explore more with a better field of vision than any other helmet on the market. What’s more, you’ll enjoy 16% more heated surface than the previous leading helmet, the BV2S. You’ll see more vertically, you’ll see more horizontally, and your entire ride will be fog-free. In Stock and available now 2019 Ski-doo Oxygen Helmets


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As the pioneers of modular helmets we’re continuing to redefine the industry standard for helmet functionality.

Oxygen Helmets On Snow

OXYGEN Snowmobile Helmet FAQ

The retail price for the OXYGEN snowmobile helmet is $599,99 US.

The warranty for the OXYGEN snowmobile helmet is 4-year limited warranty.

The OXYGEN snowmobile helmet weights in at +/- 1795gr/ 3.95lbs for a size large. Almost 1 lbs lighter than BV2S.

2 shell sizes fits a wider variety of riders

Unique noise control system with custom fit ear pads in the OXYGEN Snowmobile Helmet, Generous chin curtain for warmth and improved wind protection.

M-FORGE® Composite has a revolutionary Thermoplastic matrix that behaves with increased ductility and tenacity. It increases safety over traditional helmet shell materials made through the use of the conventional Thermoset matrix.

The OXYGEN snowmobile helmet comes with the smoke color sun visor. Other colors available are bronze and amber. The retail price is $24.99 US

Power cable kit cost to replace $99.99 USD and yes it is part of the 4-year warranty.

Unlike the BV2S, the OXYGEN snowmobile helmet is only available with an electric shield. During warm conditions (more than 0°C), you may find you can ride without the cord with the main visor cracked open. But we strongly recommend using the electric shield to get the best performance.

The vertical force required to disconnect the magnetic connector is approx. 25 Newtons (or 2,5 kgf). So it will stay in position even if you are an active rider.

The OXYGEN snowmobile helmet has been tested under different conditions, including the use of prescription glasses. It is important to understand that it is impossible for us to say that there will be no fog under any condition. This statement is true for all helmets on the market. However, we can say that depending on the adjustments available on the helmets (winds, minimum opening of the visor cracked open, heating power available via the visor and the garage), it is possible to minimize the situations or conditions that could normally generate fogging on the glasses. People who wore glasses during the customer program (who tested the helmet for more than a year) did not identify the fogging on their glasses as problematic.

Yes! The OXYGEN snowmobile helmet was designed to accommodate the use of many common helmet communication systems found on the market. Your OXYGEN snowmobile helmet will come with basic instructions on proper installation of such communication systems. It should not require any modification to the neck/chin curtain.